Digital Printing: A revolution for packaging

Published on 19 August 2021 at 13:27

Digital printing definition by The Sparta Blog :  This is a printing technique that has an important role to play in the future of custom boxes packaging. On the program, flexibility of production, customizations to infinity, saving time and as a bonus, extraordinary creative opportunities! Enough to take a closer look at this essential process, which continues to improve.

What is digital printing already?

Digital printing is a contactless printing technique. That is, no special print media is required because the image is transferred directly to the press via a computer.

This avoids a sometimes laborious configuration, still necessary with other techniques.
In terms of resolution, digital printing is ideal for packaging and displays in high definition. While offering an optimal rendering of business cards, labels, brochures and leaflets... A faultless in short!

Strengths and uses of digital printing

Digital printing stands out in particular for its much more attractive cost of configuration and use, compared to other printing processes.


This is because digital printing technology does not need a separate plate for each print run. his is because digital printing technology does not need a separate plate for each print run. Instead, all colors are printed in one pass. A considerable saving of time and money, totally in line with printing on demand that has become one of the biggest trends in packaging.


No need to target only large print runs here. Stay flexible to smaller impressions and last-minute changes without fear of exploding your budget!


Speed โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹of printing also remains essential to any new product launch on the market. Since this is a contactless printing process, fast image modifications and different designs on a single paper roll are therefore possible. Enough to offer shorter deadlines to your customers. And optimize your supply chain, in a press round!


Keep your customers with personalized packaging for special campaigns or seasonal packaging. Beyond a carefully customized outer face, digital printing can also sublimate the inner face with a tailor-made internal print. And that's how innovative customer experiences are created.

Digital printing sits at the very top of the technological innovations in its sector. While it is still based on an analog machine, its processes have gradually been digitized to increase the profitability of machine manufacturers and packaging suppliers, for example. Today, faced with the ever shorter life cycles of products and the multiplication of individualized packaging, it is more essential than ever.

Digital printing in the world of packaging

Since 2007, smartphones have seen tremendous growth around the world. A progression that has not been without consequences for the world of retail trade which has changed radically. Shopping has become an experience. Hybrid buyers have increased sharply, as has the need for information.


They now get information online or offline and buy on the Internet. Or vice versa. And digital printing can be used to produce packaging solutions containing digital data codes. Without affecting the printed image, information can be scanned via a smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet to provide additional data.

To be completed with a nice laser cut to give life to complex shapes, and various materials to create all kinds of texture games. The embellishments are all value added!

What future for digital printing?

Digital printing has become much more refined in recent years. Now it incorporates a wider variety of supports,such as thinner or thicker substrates, metallized, extensible, even transparent. Significant progress and yet. Today's digital printing is probably a far cry from the one we will use tomorrow!

Many other markets are waiting to take advantage of this technology today. Digital represents a whole new way of dealing with projects, from the file to the final product. Step by step, it will allow industries to reach new frontiers in terms of quality, productivity and overall workflow.

Patrick Louis Richard

Revolutionary new innovations that could take a little time to generalize. Maximum flexibility and optimal economic value should, however, give digital printing a strong presence in all sectors.

To be expected in the future, a wider range of colors for better differentiation, printing of packaging in very small series at a lower cost ... And ever more personalized product designs. Gilding, varnish, touch, cutting, gluing, everything is possible as well as increased performance on the transport side with printed surfaces better resistant to friction of shipping boxes for example.


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